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Are you a complete beginner when it comes to the world of golf? Whether you’re just a beginner golfer or you’ve thought about picking up the sport in the past but don’t know where to start, a solid knowledge of golf terms is a must.

Golf is a sport that has its language, and if you don’t speak it, you may find yourself lost in conversation with others on the course. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the golfing basics- so that you can start to go out and hit the course with confidence.

Ready to learn the basic golf terms? Then let’s go.


Ace is an invaluable resource for anyone just starting in the game of golf. It covers every conceivable term associated with golf, from the basic terms like ‘tee off‘ and ‘putt’ up to more advanced terms like ‘water hazard’ and ‘chipper’. For someone new to golf, the sheer number of terms can be daunting, so it’s nice to have a resource like Ace to look up and familiarize yourself with.

The guide is easy to understand and includes definitions and explanations for each term. And there are illustrations for each term to help with understanding the concepts. With all of the information at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to hit the links with confidence and stay informed throughout the game.


An albatross in golf is a rare and incredible accomplishment by a golfer. It is a score of three under par on a single golf hole. Generally, this accomplishment is reserved for par 5 holes, as these are the longest holes, offering the most opportunity for a golfer to make the three strokes under par.

It is sometimes referred to as a double eagle. Naming this feat after a large seabird makes perfect sense, as albatrosses are considered to be symbols of power, grace, and freedom.

For a golfer to make an albatross, they must make two strokes on the green in one, or take two strokes to get the ball in the hole in two. Making an albatross is one of the rarest accomplishments in golf that a golfer can achieve.

Ball Marker

A ball marker is a device used to mark the exact position of where a golf ball is situated on the green. It can be a flat piece of plastic, some coins, or anything else deemed suitable to indicate the precise location of the ball. The main purpose of a ball marker is to ensure players maintain their spot on the green when another player in their group is hitting their shot.

This helps ensure that no one’s line of sight is disturbed as the ball is played. Keeping a ball marker on the green also helps the pace of play move smoothly since players aren’t searching for the ball’s position. Therefore, having a basic understanding of a ball marker is essential for any beginner golfer.


A birdie is a great way to keep track of your score on the golf course. It means one stroke under par for a hole. A birdie can be achieved by hitting the ball in the cup in fewer strokes than what is considered par for the hole.

Knowing what a birdie is and when you have gotten one is key for beginners if you want to take up golfing. A birdie gives you a great feeling as it usually means you made a good shot and you are doing great.

It also means you can score below par if you practice more. Being able to get birdies can not only help boost your confidence but also can help you steadily improve your score.


A Bogey (also known as a double bogey or a one-over-par in golf) is a score on a hole of one stroke more than par. It is the worst score on the hole and the most common score among amateur golfers. It is not considered a good score and many golfers will attempt to score at least a par or better rather than settle for a Bogey.


This term is a type of chip shot used when playing on the green. It requires the player to hit the ball softly, allowing it to “bump” onto the green and then roll, or “run”, toward the cup. This technique is best used when the player does not need to fly the ball to the cup or when they are too far away to use the putting stroke.

Practicing this shot is essential for good players, as it requires finesse and accuracy to get the ball to the cup. Understanding the game at a basic level is important for any beginner, and this term is a great place to start.


A bunker is simply a depression in the ground which is filled with sand. It is usually surrounded by sod or grass which is cut to form walls that enclose the sand. The purpose of a bunker is to catch golf balls that go too far off-course, preventing them from getting lost in the rough.

When the ball is in the bunker, the player must hit the ball out using either a sand or pitching wedge. Along with sand traps, bunkers also come in many different shapes and sizes.

In order to perform better, you also need to know about how to use golf equipment properly. For example, knowing what degree is pitching wedge is ideal or when it should be used can help you get the best results. Understanding the game at a basic level is important for any beginner, and this term is a great place to start.

Exploring the Beginner’s Guide to Basic Golf Terms

Golf is a difficult but rewarding game, and this beginner’s guide has given you a helpful introduction to some of the golf terms you will need to know. With these basic golf terms alongside your practice and perseverance, you can feel more confident in your next golf outing. Now, take the next step; hit the course and put these terms to use!

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