Synthetic Ice Rink

Synthetic ice is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. This type of rink can be built indoors or outdoors in any climate. It looks like natural ice, eliminating the need for expensive water and electricity to maintain a natural ice rink.

You can rent a synthetic rink for community festivals, tree lighting ceremonies, mall or shopping center displays, and other special events. It also comes with the added benefit of reduced maintenance and storage costs.


Depending on the size and length of the rental period, a synthetic ice rink’s rental price can change. However, rink rentals, skate sales, and ad revenue can easily offset these costs. The cost of the rink can also be reduced by reducing operational expenses, such as water and electricity.

Another benefit of synthetic ice is that it does not require refrigeration, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. It is a great advantage when compared to the availability of natural ice, which weather conditions and geographic locations can limit. Additionally, synthetic ice rinks can be used for more activities than traditional ice rinks.

A synthetic ice rink can vary from $8 to $28 per square foot. The higher-priced products are generally more durable and closer in feel to natural ice. When planning to buy a synthetic ice rink, it’s vital to remember that there are other expenses to consider, such as maintenance and storage costs, in addition to the initial purchase price. However, most rinks can be installed quickly and with minimal equipment.

A synthetic ice rink is ideal for communities without a skating rink or for people who want to practice skating year-round. Professional athletes like hockey players and figure skaters can also use it. In addition, a synthetic ice rink is much less expensive than a natural one.


Organizers often consider setting up ice rinks in town centers and public parks when planning Winterfest. However, they also need to consider the cost of lighting the rink, as daylight is scarce during the winter. LED lights are ideal for this task, using far less electricity than traditional bulbs. They also offer a bright and beautiful glow, which can help attract more visitors to the rink.

Another reason why it is a good option for the community to rent synthetic ice rinks during community festivals is the convenience. Refrigerated rinks take time and money to set up and require constant maintenance. In contrast, a portable rink can be installed in two hours with only the help of two non-disabled people.

Furthermore, a synthetic rink has no power or water costs, which can save hundreds or even thousands in utilities during the Winterfest season. It is also environmentally friendly and complies with strict environmental regulations. Finally, it is durable enough to withstand the rigors of hockey and other sports.

The only disadvantage of renting a synthetic ice rink for community festivals is that it cannot be used for competitive play. However, this is a minor deal for most Winterfest organizers.


Ice skating is an excellent winter pastime for individuals of all ages. Still, it’s often limited to colder climates where natural ice can be maintained or specialized hockey facilities can be rented for a significant event. Luckily, there’s now another option: a portable synthetic ice rink. These rinks are made of a unique plastic material that provides a decent skating experience. They’re easy to set up and don’t require the same water and energy as natural ice rinks.

Rinks made of synthetic ice are safe for anyone, including children and older adults. They’re also more flexible than traditional ice rinks, allowing them to be used in various locations. You can convert your school gym for a holiday party, for example, or turn the tennis courts at the local park into a synthetic ice rink.

The only thing that’s important to remember is that doing lots of hockey stops will wear down the surface, but this only happens sometimes. Additionally, it’s possible to buy synthetic ice panels designed to be as durable as genuine ice. Some even feature dual-sided surfaces, doubling the life of each panel. It makes them a good choice for businesses hosting events that will be heavily used. They also invest significantly in community centers, schools, and other organizations that plan to host events frequently.


When renting a synthetic ice rink from a professional event provider, the package usually includes everything you need to set up the rink. It includes ice skates in various sizes, a pavilion for skate distribution, bench seats to change footwear, and rubber matting to surround the rink. You should also ask the company about their health and safety policies and whether they have public liability insurance. It would be best if you also asked about the system’s energy balance so that you can calculate operating costs.

Synthetic ice rinks do not require refrigeration, so they do not use as much power as refrigerated ice rinks. It helps you save hundreds or even thousands in utilities per Winterfest. The ice rink is also easier to maintain because it does not need to be resurfaced often, like a natural ice rink.

When choosing an ice rink rental provider, look for one that offers a wide variety of rentals and a competitive price. Ensure to check the product quality and the customer service offered by the provider. Some companies also offer trained technicians to oversee the operation of the ice rink for an extra fee. This option is helpful for those who need more time or resources to oversee the rink themselves. It would be best to ask the provider to show you references from previous events and compare their prices with those of other providers.