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Choosing a retail energy provider in Texas is an important decision. You have many choices, including fixed-rate plans, prepaid options, green energy plans and bundled service. But finding the right plan for your household is a complex task. It requires understanding your home’s electricity needs, knowledge of available rates and the ability to compare offers.

Power to Save

Texans residing in the deregulated market can choose their electricity provider of preference. Whether you want a fixed-rate plan that includes signing a contract, a variable rate that can change on a month-to-month basis, or you’re interested in a green energy option, there are plenty of choices available for your home with the best plan benefits and low electricity rates. To find the right plan for your home, start by understanding how much electricity you use. Some programs have different electricity rates depending on your usage, and you can save energy by using less during peak hours. It’s also a good idea to replace old appliances with ENERGY STAR-rated ones and clean or replace the filter in your HVAC system.

Then, compare the local plan options to see which fits your needs. You can check your area has energy deregulation by entering your zip code on the Power to Choose website. Then, use their search tool to see which retail electric providers are available in your service territory. The site also includes an industry scorecard that provides unbiased data about REPs. It is a great resource to ensure you understand what’s right for you and your family. You deserve to get the best deal on your electricity, and shopping shouldn’t be hard.

Power to Choose

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) created Power to Choose to give Texans a way to search for a new electricity plan and provider that meets their needs. The website offers an easy-to-use tool to compare the top local options, including plan benefits and rates. It also provides an in-depth look at the formula used to calculate your price.

When shopping for energy in Texas, you must know how much electricity your household consumes monthly. Your usage level will determine the type of plan you can select from. Programs are typically based on consumption levels of 500 kilowatt-hours, 1,000 kWh, or 2,000 kWh.

In addition to your plan type, you should consider other factors, such as whether or not your chosen provider supports renewable energy, contract lengths, and any early termination or cancellation fees. Look for a plan that has no deposit requirement or one that is prepaid. Another option is a fixed-rate plan, ensuring your rate remains unchanged throughout your contract term. It can save you money when prices are high and cut bill surprises caused by seasonal rate spikes. A variable-rate plan, on the other hand, will allow your rate to fluctuate depending on market conditions.

Power to Switch

Thanks to energy deregulation in Texas, homeowners can choose their electricity providers. If you’re unhappy with your current provider, or if your term contract is about to expire, it may be time to change. You can find a list of retail electric providers in your area on the Power to Choose website. Different electricity options include fixed-rate and variable-rate plans, prepaid electricity, green energy, and more. The key to finding the right plan is understanding your needs. Consider your historical electricity usage, how long you’ll stay at your home or apartment, and whether you need a prepaid or fixed-rate plan. Once you’ve decided what you need, compare your options online with a tool to find the best electricity rates in your area. To avoid a termination fee, shopping for a new provider 60 days before your contract expires is a good idea. If you need clarification on the contract length, look for a provider with a prepaid or variable rate option that allows you to start your new service early. If you’re moving to a new city in Texas, check if your current provider offers service there. If not, you must choose a different plan or a default utility company.

Power to Compare

In a deregulated electricity market, you have the power to shop for the best rate plan for your needs. Whether you prefer price stability with a fixed-rate plan or the flexibility of a variable rate on a month-to-month basis, an energy company in Texas can meet your needs. Compare rates to find the lowest cost, as some plans can be more expensive. The best way to find the cheapest rate is to use an online tool that provides all-inclusive pricing to compare apples-to-apples with the options available in your area. While the website that provides your local utility’s power rates will give you a general idea of what is available, tools offer more detailed information and provide helpful comparisons.

It’s also important to remember that electricity rates fluctuate throughout the year, so you should always be shopping for the best rate. Some things that affect your rates include weather, peak seasons for demand, and the time of year you’re shopping. In addition, if you’re currently under contract with an electric provider, you may be subject to early termination fees (ETFs) when you switch providers. It’s helpful to check your existing agreement for ETF details before switching.