Starting a new chapter in your life is pretty exciting! And to make your new place feel just right, we’ve got the perfect guide for you: The Ultimate Move In Cleaning Checklist. It’s like a simple roadmap to ensure everything is super clean and comfy.

From your kitchen to your bedroom, we’ve got every step covered. Think of it as a special cleaning plan designed just for you. With this checklist, your new home will be sparkling clean and cozy in no time.

It’s like giving your place a warm welcome hug. Ready to turn your new space into a spotless, comfy haven? Let’s get started!

Overall Cleaning

Think of it as a big hug for your place! First up, we’re getting rid of dust from walls, ceilings, and baseboards – it’s like a little dust-busting party. Then, we’re wiping down doors, frames, and switch plates to make everything shine.

Windows and mirrors? They’ll be so clear, reflecting the exciting future in your new home. With Mordue Moving & Storage by your side, this step-by-step guide transforms a mere house into a truly fresh home, setting the stage for countless cherished memories. Welcome to the joy of a clean slate!


Welcome to the heart of your new home – the kitchen! In this crucial step of our Ultimate Move-In Cleaning Checklist, we’re turning your kitchen into a fresh start for all your culinary adventures.

Open those cabinets and drawers; we’re cleaning inside and out to ensure a spotless canvas for your pots, pans, and favorite dishes. Countertops become gleaming surfaces, ready to host your delicious creations.

Appliances, from the microwave to the fridge, get a thorough scrub, making sure they’re as fresh as your ideas. The sink and faucets? Shining like new.

With this step-by-step guide, your kitchen isn’t just clean; it’s a clean slate for countless tasty memories. Let the cooking adventures begin in your sparkling, fresh kitchen!


Let’s dive into the bathroom, your personal oasis! Our Ultimate Move-In Cleaning Checklist is here to make it not just clean but your cozy sanctuary.

We’re making sure everything sparkles – the toilet, bathtub, and shower are getting a good scrub for your relaxation time. Countertops and sinks? They’re all set for your daily routine.

And don’t forget those cabinets; we’re cleaning inside and out to give you a fresh space for your stuff. Mirrors are shining too, giving you a clear view.

This step-by-step guide turns your bathroom into a clean canvas, ready for peaceful moments in your new haven. Welcome to a fresh start, where every detail, including clean cabinets, contributes to a spa-like experience.


Let’s talk bedrooms – your comfy retreat! Our Ultimate Move-In Cleaning Checklist is all about making it not just clean but super cozy. Picture this: we’re wiping away dust from everything, making your room feel serene.

We’ll vacuum under the bed to say bye-bye to hidden dust bunnies and make sure your curtains are fresh and clean. Your furniture? It’s getting a wipe-down for that extra sparkle. And don’t forget the closets and drawers – we’re organizing them for your bliss.

This step-by-step guide turns your bedroom into a cozy haven, all ready for your dreams. Welcome to a clean, fresh space made just for you. Sleep tight in your comfy, revitalized retreat!

Living Room

Step into the heart of your new home – the living room! Our Ultimate Move-In Cleaning Checklist is in action, turning this space into a blend of clean and cozy. Imagine dust-free surfaces, from furniture to decor, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

We’re vacuuming and cleaning carpets or rugs, making every step plush and inviting. Upholstery gets some love too, ensuring your favorite seat is as clean as it is comfy. Electronic devices and entertainment centers?

Wipe-down time for a sparkling setup. With this step-by-step guide, your living room transforms into a warm, welcoming haven, perfect for making memories. Welcome to a spotless and snug space where clean meets the ultimate in coziness. Enjoy the magic of your revitalized living room.


Let’s talk floors – the foundation of your new haven! The Ultimate Move-In Cleaning Checklist is all about turning those dusty floors into dazzling pathways. Get ready for a clean sweep as we vacuum carpets till they’re fluffy and sweep away the dust from hard floors. But we’re not stopping there – mopping those hard floors till they shine bright.

And if you have hardwood floors, a little extra love with a polish. Imagine every step you take feeling not just clean but like a stroll in a sparkling sanctuary. With this step-by-step guide, your floors become the shining stars, ready to support every adventure in your fresh, clean space. Step into a world of floor magic!


Let there be light in your new abode! The Ultimate Move-In Cleaning Checklist now brightens up your space with the Lighting step. Picture this: clean light fixtures and fans spreading a radiant glow.

We’re swapping out dull bulbs for new ones, ensuring your space is not just clean but brilliantly lit. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about setting the stage for a bright, welcoming atmosphere.

With this step-by-step guide, your home transforms into a radiant haven, where every corner is bathed in the warm embrace of clean, vibrant light. Welcome to a space that not only sparkles but also shines with the promise of new beginnings. Let there be a brilliantly clean light!

Embrace Your Move In Cleaning Checklist Journey

As we wrap up this cleaning adventure, your move in cleaning checklist has worked its magic, transforming your new space into a haven of cleanliness and comfort. Each step, from the overall cleaning to the meticulous details in every room, has paved the way for a fresh start. Your home is no longer just a place; it’s a spotless canvas ready for your unique touch.

With the checklist as your guide, you’ve not only cleaned but also embraced the promise of a sparkling, inviting home.