A Legacy of Innovation

In the dynamic realm of scientific research, where precision is paramount, Eppendorf has emerged as a trailblazer. Founded in 1945 in Hamburg, Germany, by Dr. Heinrich Netheler and Dr. Hans Hinz, Eppendorf has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology, setting the gold standard for laboratory instruments and consumables.

Pioneering Breakthroughs

The journey began with a groundbreaking invention – the world’s first microliter pipette. This iconic tool, introduced in the 1940s, revolutionized laboratory work by enabling precise measurement and transfer of small liquid volumes, elevating the accuracy and reproducibility of experiments.

Evolution of Excellence

Eppendorf’s commitment to innovation paved the way for a diversified product portfolio, including centrifuges, thermal cyclers, pipettes, consumables, and automation systems. Each meticulously crafted instrument reflects Eppendorf’s dedication to quality, ergonomics, and user-friendly design, catering to the diverse needs of researchers across scientific disciplines.

A Symphony of Quality and Innovation

Central to Eppendorf’s success is its unwavering emphasis on innovation and quality. The company invests significantly in research and development, collaborating with experts to refine its products continually. Rigorous quality control measures at every manufacturing stage ensure that each instrument meets stringent performance criteria, earning Eppendorf ISO 9001 certification.

Diverse Lab Solutions

Eppendorf’s product line is a testament to its commitment to meeting the multifaceted requirements of laboratories. Let’s delve into some key offerings:

Eppendorf Tube: A Revolution in Sample Handling

The Eppendorf tube, born in the 1960s, revolutionized sample handling and storage with its impeccable design, precise measurements, and durability.

Eppendorf Centrifuge Service: Ensuring Optimal Instrument Performance

Eppendorf’s centrifuge service stands out for its comprehensive maintenance and repair services, ensuring optimal functionality, accuracy, and longevity of critical instruments.

Eppendorf Ultra Low Freezer: Safeguarding Biological Samples

Designed to preserve valuable biological samples, Eppendorf’s ultra-low freezers maintain ultra-low temperatures with exceptional uniformity, crucial for various research endeavors.

Eppendorf Pipette Service: Maintaining Precision

Regular servicing of Eppendorf pipettes is recommended to uphold accuracy and precision in laboratory work, aligning with manufacturer guidelines.

The Essence of Eppendorf

Renowned for its high-quality laboratory equipment, Eppendorf has become the go-to choice for researchers and scientists across diverse scientific domains. The company’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and accuracy has solidified its position as a global leader in laboratory technology.

Unveiling Origins: The Eppendorf Tube

The term “Eppendorf tube” finds its roots in Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany – the birthplace of these innovative tubes. Synonymous with reliability, precision, and quality, the name has resonated in laboratories globally.

Ensuring Pipette Precision

Maintaining the accuracy and precision of Eppendorf pipettes through regular servicing is crucial for reliable results in laboratory work. While the frequency may vary based on usage, an annual service or adherence to manufacturer guidelines is generally recommended.


From the invention of the microliter pipette to its current status as a global leader, Eppendorf’s journey underscores its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and scientific advancement. By consistently providing high-quality instruments and solutions, Eppendorf empowers researchers to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.