As much as hearing aids help many muffled voices, the devices don’t work on their own. Like any accessory, wearing hearing aids need to be cared for.

Some hearing aid wearers are unaware of proper maintenance but ignoring it can knock performance down.

Are you a hearing aid owner looking to keep their devices humming? Here are some maintenance tips to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape.

Selecting the Perfect Fit

Choosing the perfect fit when it comes to wearing hearing aids is essential for successful usage. When selecting the right style for you, it is important to consider the four main types:

  • in-the-ear
  • behind-the-ear
  • in-the-canal
  • widex-the-canal

Each style comes with a number of benefits and limitations; for instance, in-the-ear models are usually preferred by those who wear glasses or for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

On the other hand, behind-the-ear models are more powerful and offer more amplification than in-the-ear models, making them a better option for those with severe hearing loss.

Once the style of hearing aid has been chosen, the user should ensure they pick the right ear mold, which will provide the best fit and comfort.

Managing Volume & Feedback

Managing the volume and feedback of your hearing aids is a crucial part of wearing them and helps to ensure that you are comfortably able to hear as you should.

Before wearing the aids, make sure they are regularly cleaned with a soft cloth and that you follow the instruction manual for your device to ensure that any adjustments are kept up to date.

When voting the hearing aids, start off with the volume at a low level and then slowly increase it until it becomes comfortable and manageable. In addition to this, frequently test the device and identify where there is feedback and take steps to reduce it or turn down the volume until it stops.

Cleaning and Caring for Hearing Aids

A few simple steps to keep clean hearing aids include cleansing the microphone, receiver, and tubing with a soft, dry cloth each day. Weekly, use a soft brush to remove any surface wax or debris from the vents and ports.

Use the wax removal tool that came with the hearing aid to suck out the build-up. Also, be sure to regularly check the tube for fit and use a soft cloth to remove dirt. Once a month, clean the ear mold with mild detergent and warm water.

Also, disinfect the ear mold before inserting it. For longtime wearing comfort, make sure to replace the earbuds as they degrade and become hard over time.

Learn All About Wearing Hearing Aids

Overall, wearing hearing aids and taking proper care of them can make a world of difference for those with hearing impairments. From finding the right fit to cleaning regularly, investing time and effort into your hearing aids can pay off.

Make sure to invest in the right hearing aids and follow these tips to get the most out of them. Take action and make sure your hearing health is taken care of – it’s worth it!

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