We are going to discuss Vaping and Hair Loss  With the CORES, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll be facing some serious hair loss. And not just the kind you can shave off or zhush to the roots, either – this is total, terminal baldness in all of its savage glory.

If only there was some way to prevent that…

Or wait a minute, is it possible that vaping – and the kind of vape you vape – could be a contributing factor in the amount of hair you find going missing every morning in the bathroom?

What a terrible prospect! And yet, the evidence certainly suggests that it might be true. So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at overall vaping and hair loss and what possible implications this could have for you.

Blood Circulation

Studies indicate that vaping hurts blood circulation and that this can be linked to hair loss. This restricts the flow of nutrients to hair follicles, which can, in turn, result in hair loss.

Chemicals in the vaporized e-liquid can irritate the scalp and clog pores, making the hair follicles weak, leading to hair loss. Thus, it is evident that there is a connection between vaping and hair loss.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress describes an imbalance between an environment’s natural oxidants and antioxidants. It is linked to vaping since some of the chemicals used to create aerosols in e-cigarettes are oxidative.

This causes inflammation and damage to the structures of the skin, scalp, and hair follicles. Vaping and hair loss are, thus, linked in that oxidative stress from vaping can cause damage to hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Hormonal Imbalances

The primary concern is that the chemicals used in e-cigarettes disturb hormones that play a role in reducing hair fall. In particular, vaping can cause an increase in androgen levels in the body, which encourages hair loss. This increased androgen production can interfere with the normal cycling of hair growth and cause more follicles to enter the resting state prematurely, leading to excessive shedding.


Thus, it is not surprising that vaping is one of the causes of hair loss. Vaping introduces harmful toxins and chemicals into the body, which can trigger inflammation. This inflammation can cause scalp irritation and weaken the roots of the hair, resulting in hair loss.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Vaping can be a more concentrated form of nicotine in comparison to smoking, leading to an increased risk of developing a deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies can lead to various scalp disorders, including hair loss.

Factors such as vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and essential fatty acids can be more than limited in a vapers diet, and without replacing these vital nutrients, it can result in hair loss. If you’re experiencing hair loss and badly need a hair loss treatment, you should consult hair restoration by Dr. Jacono.

Vaping and Hair Loss – How Do They Relate?

There is a connection between vaping and hair loss. Common side effects of vaping, nicotine withdrawal, and vitamin deficiency can all contribute to the condition of telogen effluvium.

To ensure that you don’t experience this condition, quit vaping and talk to your doctor about a proper vitamin plan. Taking these precautions can help avoid any unwanted hair loss.

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