3x3 storage unit

A storage unit can be your best ally if you need to fit more in your home. More importantly, a 3×3 storage unit can help you breathe new life into your space.

Organizing a 3×3 storage unit efficiently can maximize the space available and make it easier to access your items when needed.

You can get a lot into a storage unit that is small but mighty. Here are tips to help you get your home organized with a 3×3 storage unit.

Create a Plan

You should identify what the storage unit is for, what type of items you want to store in it and come up with a plan for the contents and how they should be arranged. Take some time to evaluate your storage needs and determine the best way to arrange the unit.

Determine ahead of time which items you’ll store in the unit, which you’ll toss or donate, and which you’ll keep elsewhere. With proper planning and organization, a 3×3 storage unit size can be an efficient and organized storage solution.

Use Shelving

When organizing a 3×3 storage unit, use shelving to separate and compartmentalize your items for easy organization. Place larger heavier items on the lower shelves for maximum support and stability. Utilize shelves that are adjustable and adjustable shelves to accommodate items of all sizes.

Place more frequently used items lower down and the items that are used less on the upper shelves. Pack smart and keep the items with the most common use together for easier access. Use shelving and baskets to create an efficient and organized storage unit.

Categorize and Label

Organizing a 3×3 storage unit can be a daunting task; however, it can be simplified by categorizing and labeling items. Begin by visualizing each box and its allotted section of the unit. Separate items such as:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • accessories

They should be arranged into specific piles. This will make the storage process more manageable as it will be easier to arrange boxes once contents have been pre-sorted.

Label each box with its contents for added convenience and an aesthetically pleasing look. Use colorful labels or a plain marker to label the items, or add photos of what is stowed inside the box.  Finally, take note of any fragile items so that they will be gently handled when moving around the storage unit.

Utilize Clear Bins

Using small, clear plastic bins allows you to quickly scan the contents and determine what should be stored in them. Have one bin for seasonal clothing, one bin for extra bed sheets or blankets, one bin for toys, and so on. It also helps to group similar items in the same bin, like keeping all of the office supplies together.

Having a blanket and pillow set in the same bin is also a great idea to save on space. Place heavier bins near the bottom to prevent them from toppling over and make sure to take out as much as possible to give you better access to items in the back.

Create Aisle Space

Start by deciding how big you want the aisles to be and then make sure to measure twice before cutting. When adding shelves, make sure to consider the land between shelves and make the most of your space. Keep aisle sizes consistent so that you can easily access your items.

Creating an aisle will allow you to easily access all items stored. When deciding what items should go in the aisle it is important to consider what items will be used most often. Additionally, keeping items of similar purpose together in the aisle, when possible, will reduce the need for searching or shifting around.

Consider Seasonality

When organizing a 3×3 storage unit, consider seasonality. For example, warmer clothing like sweaters, winter coats, and hats can be stored in easily-reached sections nearer to the front of the unit.

Bulky items like suitcases and large winter jackets should be stored in the back and hung up to make the most of the vertical space. You can also rotate seasonal items throughout the year, swapping lighter clothing in the warmer seasons for heavier items in colder months. 

Use Pallets or Wooden Boards

Pallets are also easily accessible and cheap to use and can be easily measured and cut into respective sizes for shelving and other purposes. When constructing shelves, it may be best to use wooden boards, as they provide the most strength and rigidity.

When choosing a type of board, ensure the board is suitable for the items inside the storage unit and can comfortably support the weight. Consider what shelving items and other accessories may be used, and choose boards accordingly.

Just like any storage facility like the Kimberly Road Storage would do, you can use the pallets and wooden boards to reach the full vertical capacity of the unit and maximize space saving.

Keep an Inventory

One of the best tips for keeping your unit in order is to keep an inventory of all the items in the storage unit. Before bringing any items in, make sure to take a quick inventory of what needs to be stored.

This will help create a system for organizing things and prevent items from getting lost or forgotten about. During the storage process, it’s important to check the inventory regularly, to ensure that everything is where it needs to be and that nothing has gotten misplaced.

The key to having an organized and tidy storage unit is staying organized and staying on top of the inventory. It may take a bit of effort at first, but with a few extra steps, organizing a 3×3 storage unit will become much easier.

Learn to Maximize and Organize a 3×3 Storage Unit

Following these tips and tricks will help you maximize and make the best use of a 3×3 storage unit. Take advantage of its space-saving features and be sure to label boxes to save yourself time in finding the items you need.

Stay organized and enjoy your newly organized 3×3 storage unit! Try it now and see the difference it makes in your home storage!

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