how to decorate a rectangular living room

A recent study found that 55% of Americans significantly changed their home’s design in 2020. After you’ve changed the design of the rest of your home, it’s finally time to decorate your beautiful living room.

Are you struggling to know how to decorate a rectangular living room? If everything you add only makes the room feel bare and empty, then you’re making decorations too large for the room or using the wrong items.

If your living room is a rectangle, this process might feel a little intimidating. Rectangle rooms are great for entertaining but can also be a huge design challenge.

Don’t worry, though. Read on for our favorite tips on how to decorate a rectangular living room.

Establish a Focal Point

A focal point is an anchor that will draw attention to the space and balance the living room furniture. Try to make the focal point the center of the conversation. Be it a fireplace, an accent wall, or a large window.

This will also help unify the elements and create continuity in the room. To ensure attention stays on the focal point, keep furniture minimal and symmetrical. Gently arrange chairs and tables around it.

Try to include a few accent pieces, such as a plant or a bookcase, to add depth to the room. With this focus in mind, the living room will come together to form a beautiful and elegant space.

Choose the Right Furniture

Balance and comfort should be considered when looking for appropriately sized, comfortable furniture. Sofas, sectionals, and loveseats should all be placed facing each other, centered around a coffee table. End tables and occasional pieces should be spread evenly and kept away from the walls to allow for more comfortable conversations and a flow of movement.

Rent to own living rooms are a great way to make a bold statement with beautiful furniture pieces and stylish decor that won’t break the bank. Select pieces that are proportional in size to the space. Opt for multi-functional furniture, such as ottomans, that can double as extra seating and storage.

Incorporate Vertical Design Elements

To make a rectangular living room appear bigger, incorporate vertical design elements. Long, vertical planks can be used for paneling the walls and covered with a light shade of paint. Wall art can be used to draw attention to the vertical elements of the room.

Covering the existing windows with light curtains or blinds is also a great way to draw the eyes upward toward the ceiling. Plant shelves and a tall chair or bookshelf are other ways to create a sense of height in the room.

Maximize Lighting

Natural light should be your priority as much as possible. Choose lighter paint colors for the walls to reflect and maximize the light; use light blue, green, or beige to make the room look bigger.

Install artificial lighting with several levels of intensity for different times of the day. Place tall lamps on the corners of the room and use a central focus, such as a chandelier, that will spread the light across the rectangular space.

Learn How to Decorate a Rectangular Living Room

Given the varied design possibilities available, there’s a lot of opportunity to make a rectangular living room functional and attractive. Try out the design ideas on how to decorate a rectangular living room discussed in this article, and you’ll be sure to create a room you and your family will love. Pick out a few ideas that speak to you-you won’t regret it!

And that’s it! Be sure to return for more posts about home improvement and decorating.