blue diamond engagement ring

Are you looking for the perfect blue diamond engagement ring?

Blue diamonds are rare and beautiful, which is why they make one of the most perfect engagement rings. But, unless you are a diamond expert, shopping for one can be difficult.

How do you find a ring that is exactly what you want while keeping within your budget?

Keep reading to find out how to pick the right diamond engagement ring.

Types of Blue Diamond

Blue sapphires are the traditional blue stone. But blue diamonds can add extra sparkle to an engagement ring. Depending on preference, blue diamonds can come in various shades.

From baby blue to light blue to navy blue to dark blue and even greenish blue. Consider the cut, carat weight, and color grade of the diamond to make sure it’s the perfect shade of blue.

Blue diamonds tend to be more expensive than other diamond colors. But with careful research and bargain shopping, an affordable selection can be made. Always check the diamond’s clarity and certificates online before making a purchase.

Ultimately, choosing the perfect blue diamond engagement ring is a matter of personal preference. But with the best lab grown diamonds, you can help ensure that you find a beautiful diamond that was ethically acquired.

Type of Metal

Platinum is the most desirable and expensive. Its bright finish and strong resistance to scratches are perfect for a life-long symbol of a couple’s commitment.

White gold is also a popular choice; though not as durable as platinum. It is still scratch-resistant and can also be replaced to look brand new. Rose Gold is the most romantic of all; it has a pink tint and lighter weight making it comfortable to wear.

For a more budget-friendly option, opt for yellow gold, which looks beautiful with a range of other stones, including the blue diamond. With these options in mind, you and your partner can find the perfect metal and setting to make a timeless blue diamond engagement ring.

Shape of the Ring

The shape of the ring is an important consideration and also depends on your partner’s taste and lifestyle The classic brilliant round diamond engagement ring is the most popular and offers the highest brilliance and fire, but other choices like:

  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Marquise
  • Cushion

For a modern and striking look, an emerald or cushion cut can add a little extra flair. If you want something more traditional, the round or oval shapes may be a better option. Whichever shape is chosen, make sure the defining features of the diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are the best they can be.

Choose the Perfect Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

When considering what to look for in your perfect Blue Diamond engagement ring, always remember the Four C’s Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. To truly get a stunning piece that will make the perfect commitment to your loved one, visit a trusted diamond specialist and talk through all the options. Go forth and make your special moment truly unforgettable.

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