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Shopping tile at a reliable tile shop can be the difference between an easy and convenient home improvement project and a chaotic disaster. There are so many options when it comes to tile. The choices are endless, from field tile to mosaic, glass and ceramic to stone. That’s why shopping at a reliable tile store that provides knowledgeable, helpful information is important. Here are the benefits of shopping for stone field tile at a reliable online retailer:


You’ll have a much better experience at a tile shop than at the big box stores. Unlike big-box stores that can get crowded and loud, specialty tile showrooms provide a quiet atmosphere where you can take your time and decide on the best tiles for your home remodeling project. A remodel’s biggest challenge is finding just the right tile. You want something long-lasting that suits your style preferences and can withstand the rigors of daily use. You want to avoid investing in a new kitchen or bathroom and regret your choice later. The tile experts at a tile shop like Artistic Tile know the product inside and out and can guide you to a solution that fits your needs.

Additionally, they can answer follow-up questions when the need arises. A trusted tile retailer will offer a wide selection of different styles and colors of natural stone and a wide choice of porcelain tiles. They can also help you with any design questions and offer suggestions on making your project successful. 


Online shopping is a huge convenience for busy people who prefer to make big creative decisions in their own space without dragging spouses along to a shop to decide between pearl and eggshell ceramic tiles. However, some people want to scope out their tile options in person before ordering and prefer a local tile shop with a showroom. If this is the case for you, look for an online retailer with a brick-and-mortar showroom near you that offers design consultations by appointment. They do a search function that breaks down tile offerings by installation location and gives you information on how those materials will perform in those locations, such as how well they resist heat or moisture.

This is particularly important if you’re considering natural stone, which can have small disparities in appearance and coarseness that affect how it feels underfoot or when installed in a shower. Fortunately, most online stores offer a zoom-in feature on thumbnail images to help you see those details and understand how they will look once installed.


The best tile shops offer an extensive selection of styles and finishes. They also have knowledgeable staff who can connect you with the tiles that meet your needs and specifications. Whether you’re an interior designer looking for a specific style or a homeowner wanting to spruce up your bathroom, you can find the perfect fit with a good tile shop. Natural stone tiles are an all-natural option straight from Mother Nature. Unlike ceramic, fired in a kiln and coated with a glaze, stone tile has a rustic, natural look. This is why many designers choose stone for their spaces. When shopping for tile, purchase from a reputable retailer with a good return policy. This will help you avoid any issues with the color or shade of your tiles after they’re installed. Additionally, buying tiles from the same dye lot is important to ensure they match. This is also helpful if you plan to replace some tiles in the future, as you’ll have more matching pieces.


The best tile stores will offer an extensive selection, with prices to fit all budgets. Shoppers can find long-lasting materials, interesting patterns, unique shapes and vivid colors to accentuate any decor. However, it is important to determine your budget before you begin shopping. Once you have a set limit, you can narrow your options and focus on the features you most want in your home. For instance, one of the most reliable tile retailers offers many showroom locations. It sells marble, travertine, limestone, porcelain, ceramic and encaustic tiles.


Shopping at a reputable tile showroom instead of a big box store allows you to browse your options at your own pace. It is much quieter than a big box store, so you can ask questions and decide about the natural stone or tile for your remodeling project. Many reputable online tile retailers offer a zoom-in feature for the thumbnail images of each product, so you can examine textures and other details that you cannot easily see with the naked eye. That way, you can be confident that your purchase tile will fit your project well. Another advantage of shopping at a reliable tile shop is that they often provide follow-up support for their customers. If you have a question about your tile installation or other issue arises, you can contact the specialist who sold you the tile to get answers quickly and easily. They can even come to your home or the job site to answer your questions.

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