I9 Sports


I9 Sports stands out as a leading choice for youth sports leagues across the United States, offering a vibrant platform for children aged 3 to 13. With a focus on fostering enjoyment, skill development, teamwork, and safety, it has become a household name in communities nationwide.

Origins and Expansion

Established in 2003 by Brian Sanders in Salt Lake City, Utah, I9 Sports has rapidly expanded its footprint. Operating in over 1000 communities across 30+ states, it annually serves more than 350,000 young athletes, illustrating its widespread appeal and impact.

Diverse Program Offerings

I9 Sports boasts a diverse array of programs spanning popular sports such as soccer, flag football, basketball, baseball, track and field, lacrosse, golf, volleyball, and cheerleading. These programs cater to various age groups, ensuring tailored experiences for each child’s developmental stage.

Tailored Format and Curriculum

Structured around age-appropriate curricula designed by experts, I9 Sports leagues feature weekly practices and games, with seasons typically lasting 5 to 8 weeks. Through draft-based team formations, modified rules for safety, and emphasis on fundamental skills, each child receives equitable playing time and a supportive environment.

Key Highlights of I9 Sports

Emphasis on Fun and Skill Development

Unlike highly competitive leagues, I9 Sports prioritizes fun and skill enhancement, fostering a low-pressure atmosphere where children can thrive.

Promotion of Participation and Teamwork

With a commitment to inclusivity, I9 Sports ensures all children actively participate and learn the value of teamwork and collaboration.

Focus on Player Safety

Stringent safety measures, including modified rules and certified Kid Safe coaches, prioritize the well-being of young athletes, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Positive Coaching Approach

Adhering to the Double-Goal Coach model, coaches focus on nurturing both athletic prowess and life skills, employing positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Convenient Access and Affordability

By hosting leagues in community parks and schools, it prioritizes accessibility, while its non-profit structure keeps costs affordable, enabling broader participation.

Why Choose I9 Sports for Your Child

  • Promotes a fun-centric approach to sports.
  • Encourages skill development without fear of failure.
  • Guarantees playtime for all participants.
  • Provides supportive coaching without criticism.
  • Ensures safety at every level of play.
  • Fosters confidence and teamwork.
  • Offers affordable options in convenient locations.
  • Allows exploration of various sports interests.

Joining I9 Sports: A Simple Guide

  1. Locate Your Nearest Franchise: Utilize the franchise locator on the I9 Sports website to identify the closest location.
  2. Explore Program Offerings: Review available sports and programs offered by your local franchise.
  3. Register Your Child: Complete the registration process online or in person before the start of the season.
  4. Volunteer Opportunities: Consider volunteering as a Team Mom or Dad to support the organization.
  5. Spread the Word: Share your positive experiences with other parents to contribute to the league’s growth and community impact.


For a holistic sports experience centered on fun, learning, and growth, it stands out as an exceptional choice. Through its commitment to providing a nurturing and developmentally-appropriate environment, it empowers children to embrace the joys of sports while fostering valuable life skills.

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